The sun slowly rises - Neil Paynter

Readings, reflections and prayers for Holy Week from the Iona Community

Uitgever: Wild Goose
Auteur: Neil Paynter


Trefwoorden: Lezingen, gebeden
Goede week
Titelgegevens: Pb. 147 pag.
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Bible readings, reflections and prayers for the days of Holy Week, and a large section of resources, including ‘Prayers on the seven words from the Cross’, ‘A service of lamentation to liberate us for action’, poems, meditations, and reflections …
The sun slowly rises on city streets where saints trail and spread God’s light. The sun slowly rises in Glasgow classrooms where folk teach English as a second language to refugees and asylum seekers. The sun slowly rises at islands for world peace and over Iona Abbey. It rises on farms in Palestine where folk plant olive trees and work to grow peace from the ground up. It rises where street pastors hand out bandages and love. It rises in houses of hospitality, in the work of organisations like Church Action on Poverty, in Spirit-filled churches everywhere from Taipei to Orkney, at demos in solidarity with those suffering unjust taxation and benefit cuts. The sun slowly rises at climate marches around the globe. The sun slowly rises at Faslane submarine base where protesters sing and waltz the dance of life and blockade death and pray for the day when all nuclear weapons will be abolished …
The sun slowly rises …
Feel it on your face and hands and
in your heart
Spring is coming
The light shines in the darkness
and the darkness will never put it out
In the early dawn they went to the tomb …
The sun slowly rises …
Contributors include Alastair McIntosh, Alison Swinfen, Ian M Fraser, Elaine Gisbourne, David Rhodes, Peter Millar, Stephen Wright, Bonnie Thurston, Nicola Slee, Brian Quail and other members, associates and friends of the Iona Community.
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