Enemy of Apathy (songbook) - John Bell & Graham Maule

Songbook containing 62 songs and chants for Lent. Eastertide and Pentecost

Uitgever: Wild Goose
Auteur: John Bell & Graham Maule


Trefwoorden: kerkmuziek
liedbundel / songbook
Titelgegevens: Pb. 144 pag.
Leverbaar: Leverbaar

Prepare the way of the Lord
Finding God
Come, take my hand
Jairus' daughter
Tears of sorrow
Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Ride on, ride on
I was glad
I will give what I have
The pawnbroker
Hymn of the passion
The song of the supper
Let your restless hearts be still
O give thanks to the Lord
O Lord my God
The servant
Contemporary reproaches
Lord Jesus Christ, shall I stand still
When the son of God was dying
An emperor of fools
Travelling the road to freedom
We need you, God
Sing, my soul
Lord of the morning
The robber
Torn in two
Christ has risen
Darkness is gone
The Lord of all
Easter evening
He comes
Open the door
Jesus Christ is waiting
Go home by another way
The sorrow
Show your face
Christ in the stranger's guise
Be still and know
The saviour leaves
The last journey
Come, Holy Spirit
God the Spirit comes to stay
Heaven on Earth
Enemy of apathy
The love of God comes close
Lo, I am with you
No one will ever be the same
O bless the Lord
Paul's song
Behold the lamb of God
Occuli nostri
Watch and pray
Kyrie Eleison
Wonder and stare
Come, Holy Spirit
Here I stand
Kyrie/Sanctus & Benedictus/Agnus Dei (Kentigern setting)
Songbook 144 pp
There is also an audio CD with performances of some of these songs by the Wild Goose Collective and Hinba.
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