CD Enemy of Apathy - Bell, John L., Maule, Graham - Wild Goose Collective & Hinba

Songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost

Uitgever: Wild Goose
Auteur: Bell, John L., Maule, Graham - Wild Goose Collective & Hinba


Trefwoorden: CD kerkmuziek
Veertigdagentijd / Pasen / Pinksteren
Titelgegevens: CD 18 nummers
Leverbaar: Leverbaar

John L Bell & Graham Maule of the Wild Goose Resource Group, together with fellow musicians, have made this recording of some of the songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost from their book Enemy of Apathy that haven't yet made it into other recorded collections. 
The Wild Goose Collective is an ad hoc collection of assorted amateur singers who hope that others too will be inspired and enabled to raise their voices and sing these songs. Three of the tracks feature an ensemble called HInba, who give their own interpretation to the songs.
The songs (listen to samples –
1. Jerusalem, Jerusalem
2. O Lord, my God
3. The song of the supper 
4. The servant
5. When the Son of God was dying
6. An emperor of fools
7. Lord Jesus Christ, shall I stand still?
8. The last journey  
9. Lord of the morning
10. Here I stand 
11. Go home by another way 
12. Easter evening
13. O bless the Lord
14. Come, Holy Spirit
15. Enemy of apathy
16. God the Spirit comes to stay 
17. No one will ever be the same
18. Enemy of apathy (reprise) 
Running time: 53 minutes
There is also a songbook of the same name containing words and music for 62 songs and chants
Prijs: € 16.90


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